About us

Burkea LLC is a locally based business in Houston, Texas, was established with a commitment to providing safer and cleaner candles for homes throughout Texas. Motivated by the desire for candles made with secure materials and long-lasting scents, our journey began during a pivotal moment of pregnancy. We take pride in crafting candles that not only emit a strong and enduring fragrance but also adhere to our core value of continuous improvement and unwavering consumer satisfaction.


Our candles are meticulously crafted using high-quality, phthalate-free fragrance oils and soy blend waxes, all produced with a firm commitment to cruelty-free practices. Every product is infused with love and dedication, originating from our home to yours. We trust that you will derive immense pleasure from our candles, and we encourage you to share the experience with your friends. Thank you for choosing Burkea LLC for a distinctly gratifying and conscientious candlelight experience.